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Bookways: A Quarterly for the Book Arts. 8 x 11 inches, 14 issues, 1991–1995. Published by W. Thomas Taylor. Designed by W. Thomas Taylor and Bradley Hutchinson. Edited by W. Thomas Taylor; Anita Prewett, Managing Editor. Printed by Bradley Hutchinson and Neil Furqueron. 

Bookways: A Quarterly for the Book Arts was printed and published by W. Thomas Taylor starting in 1991 and came to a close in 1995 when Tom Taylor decided to take a hiatus from bookselling and printing and publishing to pursue other interests. It was originally intended to be a successor to Fine Print, the influential quarterly which abruptly ceased publication in 1990, but the difficulties of logistics and assuming existing obligations made that relationship untenable. The fledgling publication struck out on its own, with the benefit of being produced in-house. The first two issues were cast in Monotype Bembo by Bradley Hutchinson, though subsequent issues were printed from photopolymer plates. In that sense Bookways documents not only the activities of the fine printing community in the early 1990's but also the transition to fine digital typography as a viable alternative to traditional hot-metal composition.

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